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Every year we send a team over to Uganda to check on the progress funded by our initiative The Cup That Counts.

On our most recent trip our head roaster Tommy and co-founders Andy and Sam were joined by Jordy from Longmiles Coffee
who run a similar program in Burundi. Not only could he share his expertise with the ZB team but it was also a great opportunity
to share common stories about the struggles faced by coffee farmers all over East Africa.

The East African coffee industry is one of corruption, inequality and cyclical poverty.
Just when farmers think they're getting ahead they'll be pulled down by any number of things.
One season the commodity price of coffee will be below the cost of production, the next there will be floods, the following drought.
That's why we've committed to our relationship with Zukuka Bora through - literally - rain, hail and shine.
The best partnership is one where both parties gain equally from the relationship.
For us this guides every decision we make regarding our farming and producing partners.
We buy Zukuka Bora's coffee at generous price - but also one that makes it sustainable for us to go back every year and buy big volumes
and it's paying dividends.

For the first time in a long time the entire community was buzzing.
After four years of producing a commercial harvest the people working at the Muyanda washing station
were benefitting from the fruits of their labour.
There was employment from within ZB to assist with washing, sorting, drying and security but there was also employment
outside of ZB with companies helping to construct the drying racks, a cafe that opened up to sell coffee to the locals,
and transport of the raw product.

There is still so much work to do and the life of a coffee farmer in Muyanda is still difficult even if it has improved.
Your choice to choose a Commonfolk coffee makes a genuine difference.
Not only do we contribute 20c from every coffee we sell to The Cup That Counts,
but the actual coffee we purchase and roast will be sourced fairly and sustainably.

So drink up, every cup counts!

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