News from Zukuka Bora - November 2018

There's something about buying days!

The small trading centre of 'Border', so called because it sits on the border of the two mountain communities of Wanale and Budwale. The community of Budwale is so inaccessible by road that their farmers travel by foot, coffee on head, to deliver their hand-picked coffee to Border. From here we truck
the coffee to our processing station - not always a simple job,
especially at night, in the rain.

This is the very typical scene on buying day.
A real hive of activity that goes on well into the night! After we've finished up, farmers often stay in the trading centre, and I think local businesses
- eateries, shops, meat stalls and the like - boom as a result.
There's definitely a buzz to the place!

More background about the project - Link here

It's days like these that remind us of the importance of offering a rewarding market for our farmers.

Not only is Budwale incredibly remote - it is extremely poor.
This is not a land of coffee plantations, rows of coffee neatly planted on huge expanses of land. Budwale is made up of very small pockets of land on which a whole family - sometimes more than ten people - depends. That small parcel of land is meant to provide food for the family - bananas, beans and maize. Coffee, the only cash crop, does its best to grow in between the bananas and beans.

Our 'Sipi Falls Washed' and 'Sipi Falls Naturals' catching some evening rays.

Dr Sam from Commonfolk Coffee doing some
unique experimental processing up in Sipi !
Can't wait to see what these taste like?

Link to the Commonfolk Coffee website

Link to their Facebook page

Small beginnings, but potentially the start of something very special
Our first premises in a beautiful this space!
Official opening and more details in due course...

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