EFOD Southwest

The EFOD Southwest branch was formed in 2007. We have helped design, finance and implement sustainable projects in developing countries over the last eight years. The branch is run by a wide variety of volunteers mainly from the construction profession boasting a broad range of professional interests and experiences.

Our goal is to improve the lives of ordinary people in developing countries through consultation, co-operation, and education.

The two current projects are for a grinding mill and a grain store for the Revival Centre in Matuga Uganda.
The centre supports over 500 children, orphans, widows and women's groups. The plan is to build the mill and store near on land
they own near to the Centre, to reduce their food bill and allow many of the farmers in the area to move from marginal
to profitable businesses. Fundraising and design is about to start, volunteers are always welcome.

Kpone Saduase Sewing school was completed in 2013 with a fully functioning classroom, and living quarters
including water and electricity supply. Cambridge Education promoted the scheme and are responsible for
the future management of the project jointly with the local community.

The Atatur Hospital Incinerator and waste disposal scheme was built in 2007 to permit safe disposal of infected waste
for this Government Hospital.

To contact EFOD Soutnwest directly you may email    Daniel O'Rourke      daniel_orourke1@hotmail.com

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