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EFOD London was set up in 2013. The branch was formed by former members of the North West branch along with support from the ICE Graduates and Students committee.

It is the vision of EFOD London to contribute to poverty reduction in the developing world; by solving engineering based problems afflicting poor overseas communities while developing the skills and experience of young construction industry professionals in London, through exposure to the full project cycle.

EFOD London has now built a core team to deliver a project that will provide a reliable water supply and other improvement works to Kumi Hospital in Uganda.

Kumi hospital is located approximately 6km North East of Kumi, Uganda, a town of approximately 11,400 people.
The hospital is a Private Not for Profit ( PNFP ) facility, 300km from Kampala. It is a rural hospital, which transformed from
a leprosy centre to a general hospital in 1997. It was founded by the Church Missionary Society in 1929 as a leprosarium
in response to the need for specialised work among leprosy patients.

Since 1997 the hospital has grown to 350-bed capacity, providing a wide range of integrated services including medical,
surgical, rehabilitative, primary health care, community-based rehabilitation programmes and other specialised services
such as AMREF Flying Doctor service.

The London EFOD team have now taken on the project from the EFOD North West team.

In Summer 2014, EFOD London replaced one of two pumps that supply the hospital with water. The pump was also raised onto a concrete plinth to build in resilience to the flooding which hits the pump house each rainy season, due to its position within the lake's flood plain. The second phase will see the team raise the second pump to ensure the pump house's future resilience and redundancy.


Design for the pump and its plinth.                                                 Design for the solar hot water collector.

Kumi Hospital do not have ready access to hot water for sanitary purposes. EFOD London have developed a solar hot water collector design in the UK, and are planning to implement a similar design locally in summer 2016.

Latest from EFOD London :

As part of our ongoing relations, the project's objective is to provide hot water for sanitation in at least one hospital ward.
Various solar water heating systems were investigated with the objective of providing the hospital with a system that
minimises maintenance requirements and maximises potential for repeatability by the local community.

The system proposed is based on a Thermosyphon heating system, which is a proven technology in the industry today.
A passive-direct thermosyphon model was favoured ( in contrast to a proprietary 'off the shelf' product ) due to its simplicity,
self supporting nature ( low / no maintenance ) and low running costs.

A prototype solar panel of the system was constructed to test feasibility, constructability and to enhance global understanding
of the model. The panel consisted of a timber frame, copper piping with aluminium fins, a corrugated plastic cover and a plastic tank.
The panel was constructed and tested in London from August to October 2014 and results indicated that a maximum temperature
of 53 degrees Celsius was achieved.

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The EFOD committee for London is Chaired by Kalil Kane with Alistair Craig as Treasurer.

To contact EFOD London directly you may email :
     Chair - Kalil Kane        kanedid@gmail.com
   Vice Chair - Kostas Kalfas        kostas.kalfas87@gmail.com
Vice Chair - Elina Efthymiou        efthymiou.elina@gmail.com

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