EFOD Cardiff

EFOD Cardiff is the original Group, founded in 2000, with a comprehensive record of
the construction of hospital incinerators, mills, medical facilities, vocational training
school buildings and borehole rehabilitation.

Link the 2019 EFOD Cycle Challenge and details of earlier events.

Link to more on our current   Faith Nursery & Primary School   project.

Malera Borehole Rehabilitation, Uganda is the construction of a solar powered pump
and water storage tanks to abstract water from a productive borehole deep in rural Uganda,
to provide a reliable water supply for a community of over 2000, and to a cattle watering station
for an area of over 5000 livestock. The original facilities were destroyed in the 1980's insurrection.

Studies, pumping tests and advanced works by the team have proved the viability of the scheme.
The basic infrastructure was constructed during a series of visits by EFOD volunteers prior to
the appointment of Innovation Africa of Kampala to install two 10,000 litre storage tanks, and solar panels
driving a solar pump which pumps water from 40m down the borehole to taps for public use, and troughs
for livestock. The scheme was completed in August 2015.

For more detail on the Malera Borehole Project  :   Link here. .

One of our other current projects, the Abesu Suspension Bridge Chongwe, Zambia, is the construction of a 78m clear span pedestrian footbridge for a widows' cooperative across a water channel , intended to reduce the twenty deaths in area last year. Site investigations are complete, and this ambitious project has progressed to detailed design stage. Fundraising of £ 100,000 is in hand jointly with Abesu, a Cardiff based charity.

EFOD are grateful to ICE Wales Cymru for their continued support over the last fifteen years,
and to all those who kindly donate each year.
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The EFOD Cardiff committee is chaired by Krzys Jaklinski with Katalin Andrasi and Miguel Pinto as committee members.

To contact EFOD Cardiff directly you may email    Tom Hawken     Tom.Hawken@arup.com

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