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June 2018 - Kachumbala Maternity Unit has been honored with TWO accolades at the European Healthcare Design Awards!
One for ' Healthcare Design under 20,000 sqm.' and another for ' Design for Health and Wellness. '

To find out more about the Kachumbala project    Click here.
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EFOD really does 'Makes a Difference' - It did for Geraint Vaughan, a Media Technology student in 2016
who volunteered to film projects. Now he reflects,"The films that resulted from a total of six weeks spent in rural Uganda
has been my proudest achievement to date. Not many people in their early 20's can say they have worked in Africa,
but together with countless others I can, and confirm the benefits gained working with EFOD.
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October 2017 - Kachumbala Health Centre 3 Maternity Unit now complete. - Official opening on Thursday 2nd November 2017.

EFOD and it's associated partners have just completed the construction of a £ 110,000 Maternity Unit for the Health Centre.
Fantastic job by a great team of volunteers.

To find out more about the Kachumbala project    Click here.
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Sept. 2017 - Delighted to announce EfOD NW's successful completion of the construction of Kathy's Centre
and the Act4Africa team moving in to their new premises.

EfOD NW completed the major Civil Engineering works in January with Act4Africa completing the final touches.

To find out more about the Kathy's Centre project    Click here.

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2017 - Building Kathy's Centre - Built from Interlocking soil stabilised blocks, the design includes a passive ventilation system,
delivers energy from solar panels and composting toilets.

22 volunteers visited site in pairs to supervise construction over a 24 week period to deliver this impressive building.
The team delivered all aspects of the #&163 68,000 scheme, training a local labour force in construction techniques,
whilst enhancing their own experience in management and financial control.

To find out more about the Kathy's Centre project    Click here.
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June 2017 - 55 riders rode from Snowdon to Cardiff in aid of Efod Charity, covering 339km (210 miles),
climbing 5632m and passing 15 of Wales' finest dams.

   Click here   for reports & images of the 2018 event and information on the 2019 Challenge.

All proceeds will go towards a new nursery and primary school development being undertaken
by the charity in Uganda. Every penny goes a very long way over there!
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From R to L : Delwyn Jones EFOD SWW chairman, Dr Kathy Bourgoyne, Shaun Williams EFOD Electrician,
Thomas Reed EFOD Plumber, and Anthony Rees EFOD SWW Treasurer.

The power backup system at Mbale Hospital Neonatal Unit now functions properly, and the lives of premature babies born there are again being protected!

Link to the Mbale Neonatal Unit 'Born on the Edge' Facebook page    Click here.
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December 2016 - The original image used for the Jengauganda Christmas card, based on the Zukuka Bora project.
N.B. the 'pedal-powered' grinder - designed & engineered by Dave Bishop ( aka Dr.Coffee ) & the team.

Link to the Zukuka Bora Coffee Company Facebook page    Click here.
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October 2016 - Vaughan Gething, the Welsh Government Cabinet Minister for Health & Sports,
looking at the Solar Water pump project which is providing water from the Malera Borehole.

To find out more about the Malera project    Click here.
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Carrying the new coffee seedlings ready to plant the next crop for the Zukuka Bora project.

Link to the Zukuka Bora Coffee Company Facebook page    Click here.
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2015 - the Kachumbala Mill and Grain store, masterminded by EFOD SW Wales, up and running.

More about the Kachumbala projects on the EFOD SW Wales region page    Click here.
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An image of the proposed Abesu Suspension Bridge Chongwe, Zambia, planned by FEOD Cardiff,
entailing construction of a 78m clear span pedestrian footbridge for a local widows' cooperative.

To find out more about EFOD Cardiff's plans    Click here.

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