Malera Borehole Refurbishment, Bukedea, NE Uganda
by EFOD Cardiff 2012 - 2016

EFOD Cardiff were challenged to undertake the refurbishment
of a remote borehole in rural Uganda in 2012.

The region is one of the poorest in the country, with very low
educational achievements, and resulting urban drift.

Rockhead is high, resulting in regular droughts and flooding,
poor crop yield and extreme poverty. Boreholes are the only
providers of clean water.The borehole at Kabole was installed in 1947,
with a diesel engine pumping water into two large steel tanks
to supply water to the public, cattle and a cattle wash.

The infrastructure was destroyed in the insurrection in the 1980's,
and replaced with a hand pump, capable of yielding only 400 litres an hour.

EFOD engineers surveyed 12 boreholes in the district, and identified
Kabole borehole in Malera as potentially the most productive.

A pumping test suggested a yield of 6000 litres per hour.

They considered various options and selected a solar powered pumped
solution discharging into two 10,000 litre tanks feeding a domestic supply
for 2000 people, and two troughs for 5,000 local cattle.

Following extensive fundraising through events such as sponsored
cycle rides the length of Wales, sponsored runs, and corporate support,
sixteen volunteers visited site in pairs for two week periods during
2014 and 2015 to construct the basic infrastructure.

This involved hiring local labour, purchasing material and managing construction work, assisted by a local project manager and foreman.

The team commissioned Innovation Africa, a Kampala based company,
to install the pump, solar panels, and tanks.

The work was completed and commissioned in August 2015 with a
local celebration attended by local officials and 600 members of the public.

Operatives have been trained to run the scheme, local guards
employed to ensure its protection, paid for by a local charge
of 40p per family per month.

The total cost of the infrastructure was £ 20,000.

The cost of travel and site attendance by the volunteers was £ 15,000,
provided by the generosity of their employers,and a travel grant
from the Welsh Government.

October 2016 - Vaughan Gething, the Welsh Government Cabinet Minister for Health & Sports,
looking at how the Solar Water pump project is enabling cattle farmers in Teso region to adapt
to climate change effects. The project is providing water to over 3,000 head of cattle per day
as well as water for home consumption.

Congratulations to the team who designed, raised funds and managed construction of this facility.
Fifteen EFOD volunteers travelled to Uganda in pairs for two weeks to develop the scheme
and supervise the local labour force.
The £ 28,000 scheme was funded by donations from the construction industry in Wales
and from sponsored events. The cost of travel for the EFOD volunteers was supported
by the Wales for Africa team from the Welsh Government.

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