Kathy's Centre

What is Kathy's Centre?

Engineers for Overseas Development North-West ( EFOD NW ) are constructing a community health and education centre for Act4Africa. This will allow continuation of their operations in HIV testing and counselling, sexual and reproductive health advice and materials and micro-financial literacy and enterprise training in Mayuge district. It will also allow them to expand into providing education facilities to educate pre-school children and young adolescents.

Why does Kathy's Centre matter?

With the new centre Act4Africa and EFOD NW, in joint partnership, will be able to improve the lives of people within Mayuge District significantly
through supplying essential infrastructure. These problem areas were identified during a stakeholder workshop organised during a recent
site visit. Community members expressed their concern in the lack of infrastructure for young people in the Mayuge Town. These problems
become more acute as 60% of the population is below 18 years old according to a 2002 census taken from the 'Higher Local Government
Statistical Abstract' for the Mayuge district 2009 / 2010.

As a result of this Kathy's Centre will allow Act4Africa to expand their operations into education of pre-school children and provide facilities
for a youth centre for the local youth.

Early Childhood Development ( ECD ) is an area of increasing priority for governments in developing countries as there is strong evidence
that inadequate early learning opportunities have significant effects on children's ability to reach their learning potential. The Kindergarten
will accept a combination of fee paying and free students to ensure that even the most disadvantaged have access to education.

Alongside this Act4Africa will look to continue their excellent work in gender inequality, stopping young women becoming entrapped in patriarchal
practices of their society.

EFOD NW will provide education to local people on construction and sanitation techniques and best practices, ensuring a legacy of better facilities
and better opportunities for the people of Mayuge District. A huge part of this is employing HYT ( http://hytuganda.com ) who take safety, education
and promotion of ISSB's seriously, facilitating the spread of technology and good practices in construction.   Link to HYT Uganda website.

Who is Kathy?

Kathy Smedley was the co-founder of Act4Africa, who worked tirelessly for fifteen years to help the people - and especially the women of
Uganda, Tanzania and Malawi. Having lost her own battle with illness in 2014, Kathy's Centre is a legacy project that will bring together
the issues that mattered to her most - HIV prevention, gender equality, and the rights of women and girls to a healthy life, an education
and an ability to prosper.

Who are we?

We are Engineers for Overseas Development (EFOD) and Act4Africa.

Engineers for Overseas Development (EFOD) is a charity run by young professionals from the construction industry. Our projects support communities
in developing countries and provide our members with the opportunity to broaden their skills and experience. We have over a dozen builds to our name
in sub-Saharan Africa, and always seek to partner with a locally connected organisation to ensure smooth project handover.

Act4Africa is a Manchester-based charity working in Uganda, Tanzania and Malawi. Their mission is to change attitudes, transform communities
and save lives via innovative interactive training in HIV prevention, stigma reduction, gender equality and enterprise. We have been operating
in Uganda for fifteen years, and have worked with the women of Mayuge District to design a brief for the Kathy's Centre project.

How will your support help?

As with all EFOD projects, we rely on the generosity of individuals and organisations to make a difference.
We estimate the spend breakdown of all funds raised for this project to be as follows:
           Procurement of materials: 60%
           Local labour and services: 20%
           Subsidised travel for site team: 20%
During over 10 years of operating in Mayuge and neighbouring Jinja disticts in Uganda, Act4Africa has established strong relationships
with local communities and government authorities. Working together on the project we will therefore be able to navigate bureaucratic
and logistical issues smoothly and efficiently, ensuring that every penny raised is spent directly on building Kathy's Centre.

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