Final Birthday Celebration Posting

Future Schemes

EFOD have celebrated the great work by over 300 volunteers
who have visited Africa over the last 18 years
to help provide improved infrastructure
for the benefit of rural and urban communities,
whilst improving their own management skills.
Now for the future.
N.B. with links to our regional pages & specific projects.

EFOD Groups are working on projects, currently all in Uganda,
and check on the performance of past ones.

EFOD North West   will visit Mbale in April
to develop plans for a facility for   Zukuka Bora Coffee ,
part of the Jenga charity, working with 1500 peasant farmers
to harvest, process and export top grade coffee
to Australia, the USA and the UK.

'Adapted' from Ian Flower's 'EFOD 18th Birthday' Facebook posts

Link to Ian's Facebook page

EFOD Cardiff   are working on plans for   Faith Nursery and Primary school   in Kachumbala for 300 children.
The borehole is being drilled in March and building will start in mid year.

EFOD Bristol & West Midlands   are working on a grinding mill and grain store for the Revival Centre in Matugga,
for UK charity Give A Child A Hope.

EFOD London   are working towards a summer visit to Kumi Hospital to build a trial solar water heater,
and plan for water pump replacement, surveys and even incinerator repair.

So lots to do for the benefit of some of the least fortunate in Africa, lots of money to raise,
and lots of great management experience for all those involved,
which is why EFOD was founded 18 years ago.

and as for planning - herewith an impression of the design for the new Zukuka Bora facilities - Wow!
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