Out of Poverty with EFOD!

Thank you for your support and contributions to
the work of Engineers for Overseas Development ( EFOD ).

We recently gathered tangible evidence that
EFOD's work, delivered to support SaltPeter Trust's initiatives
for rural communities in Uganda, increases the quality of people's lives
and lifts them out of poverty.

Using the Oxfam Poverty Score Index,
which considers standards of education,
housing, sanitation and clothing,
it was clear that four communities
at Koutulai, Kachumbala, Kabwalin and Nyakoi 1
are enjoying improved standards of living 2.

Every penny raised goes towards
building community projects
such as grain stores, grinding mills,
Ecosan 3 latrines and village halls.

1 Villages located around 15km north of Mbale.
2 Compared to baseline in 2013.
3 Waterless latrines.

We use local labour, supervised by visiting EFOD volunteers, who project manage and provide training.
The buildings are then handed over to local co-operatives, run by the SaltPeter Trust, a UK Charity,
to manage and maintain of the new facilities.

EFOD is also involved in designing and building
other valuable projects such as medical centres,
technical colleges and maternity units, village boreholes, and,
at Soroti and Kumi hospitals, we have provided waste incinerators
and water supply.

EFOD is an engineering charity,
which provides training and development opportunities
for graduates, to help them become professionally qualified.
So in the UK we also benefit from the valuable work
that is delivered by our fantastic volunteers
in sub-Sahara Africa, by upskilling our own talent pipeline.

Image below from the 2017 EFOD 'Summit'.
Twenty-two folk from five regional groups travelled to Cardiff for the 6th annual meeting to review 2016 successes and look forward.

So a huge 'Thank you' for helping us make a difference!

Original flyer by Sally Sudworth - March 2017.
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