What is Engineers for Overseas Development?

Engineers for Overseas Development Ltd (EFOD) is a limited liability Charitable Company designed to assist in the development and training of young professionals in the Construction Industry by challenging members to plan and manage construction projectsto alleviate poverty in Sub Saharan Africa.

EFOD was established in Cardiff in 2000 by Ian Flower and currently works through four regional teams based in Cardiff, Bristol, Birmingham and Manchester, London and South West Wales, with volunteers spread across a much greater area.

There is currently a Board, with three members, and a committee in each region, comprising Chairman, Secretary & Treasurer.

Who is involved and what does EFOD do?

Young volunteers - including engineers, architects, project managers and qualified apprentices from the construction industry - are challenged to form
a team to design a solution to a problem, raise funds, and visit the country in pairs generally for two weeks, to hire labour, purchase materials,
supervise construction, and commission.

Teams of volunteers will travel to a country, usually for short periods of time, to help promote and provide adequate public health facilities.
They work in partnership with the local councils, organisations, local project managers and labour to provide development projects and to educate
and train the local workers in construction techniques and the need for adequate public health and sanitation.

How is it financed?

As well as carrying out design and managing site operations, EFOD has a proud reputation for raising funds to deliver each project,
to purchase materials, pay for labour and supervise construction.

Extensive fundraising is carried throughout each project and support is sought from those within the engineering industry
and other local organisations. Sponsorships are sought and fundraising events are undertaken regularly.

For schemes over £ 10,000 EFOD have partnered with other charities to ensure larger schemes can be undertaken.

All the volunteers who travel overseas on a project are expected to fund part of their own travel and accommodation.
In many cases individuals receive sponsorship from their employers or will obtain support from various individual fund raising events.

The Board

Ian Flower - Managing Director,   is a Chartered Civil engineer with over 40 years experience
in the Construction Industry. Challenged to help to solve the problem of inadequate sanitation in
down town areas of Banjol, the Gambia in 2000, Ian persuaded the Wales Branch of the Institution
of Civil Engineers ( ICE Wales ) to support a team of six young graduates to design a solution to the problem, raise funds, and visit site for two weeks in pairs to hire labour, buy materials and supervise
the construction of latrine blocks in down town areas of the city. EFOD was born.

Ian has run EFOD from its inception, initially as a subgroup of ICE Wales, and, more recently,
as an Independent Charitable Company, formally registered in 2011.

Ian has worked for Consultancies throughout his career, on major construction projects in the UK
and Trinidad, and managed an office in Cardiff for a UK based international Management
and Engineering consultancy for over twenty years.

Sally Sudworth - Director & Company Secretary   is a Chartered Civil Engineer with over 30 years
experience in both private and public sectors in flood and coastal risk management, highways, drainage
and river engineering. She is currently a Flood & Coastal Risk Manager ( FCRM ) with the
Environment Agency in the NW of England.

Sally has been an ambassador for sustainable development throughout her career and now leads
the FCRM Sustainability Plan with a focus on low carbon, an approach highly compatible with
the EFOD ethos for community led sustainable solutions.

Sally first visited Uganda in 2011 as Chair of ICE Wales Cymru and has been committed to the growth
and management of EFOD ever since.

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