Carla and Maha's Uganda Blogs 2018 - appropriated by Kit from their Facebook posts.

Day 3 EFOD Site Visit.

This was spent in town in Mbale investigating the availability of material and labour.

Mbale proved to be a vibrant town with a buzzing industrial sector offering all the major material and equipment needed
for the first phase of the project, building the drying shelter and store room.

Carla and Maha sourced and received notional pricing for everything ranging from concrete,
reinforced steel and masonry to construction tools, and cabling.
They also found solar panels to be a potentially cost effective alternative to provide reliable artificial lighting.

The afternoon was spent surveying the land set aside for JENGA's development and identified
we'll have an acre of space for the Zukuka Bora Coffee Facility.

Day 2 EFOD Site Visit.

Today commenced with a drive into Mount Elgon to visit Zukuka Bora's existing drying shelters at 1500m.
The first of which was at Luke's house and he explained the coffee process.

Coffee cherries are hand picked from coffee tree's when ripe ( deep red ) and are passed through a pulping machine
to remove pulp from the bean. They are then separated by weight through a water tank with 'good' beans sinking
to the bottom and 'bad' beans staying afloat and being removed.
The good beans are fermented in water for 1-2 days to remove the parchment which leaves you with the green bean ready to be dried.

The shelter itself consists of a timber duo-pitch frame with a 300mm step gap for ventilation.
It is clad with plastic sheeting. Crucial to the drying of coffee is a hot and well ventilated climate.
We aim to build a new shelter in Mbale which will benefit from higher temperatures, improved access and ventilation.

Day 1 EFOD Site Visit.

The morning was spent with David Bishop to discuss the coffee business and its parent charity, JENGA.
JENGA run numerous community development projects in Mbale.
They set up Zukuka Bora to help small scale farmers develop a self sustaining revenue by focusing on producing premium coffee.

This was followed by a first visit to the newly acquired site.

Carla and Maha made the most of ground works at a nearby construction site to assess ground conditions at a 600mm depth.
Initial indications are that the soil's of a high ground bearing capacity.
The site itself appears to have reasonable access, potential for water supply but no nearby drainage.

After lunch, the girls were warmly welcomed by the JENGA team and director Robby, to discuss our Memorandum of Understanding,
confirm the rights to land and discuss the site layout.

Day 0 of the EFOD Site Visit.

Carla and Maha have made it to Uganda!

They were met by the Luke, Zukuka Bora's field supervisor, who drove them to Mbale,
not before stopping off on the outskirts of Jinja to visit a newly built orphanage.
This initiative was set up by a group of young teens to accommodate, train and educate orphan children from the village.
Following a customary cooking lesson and a spot of lunch they arrived in Jenga to the rapturous welcome of David and the team.

Ciao for now, the site visit awaits.
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