Celebration & Reflection
EFOD's 18th Birthday

Part 1

18 years ago today, a good friend Colin McCubbin came to Cardiff
to speak about his work with Mercy Ships and challenged ICE Wales
to go to The Gambia and improve sanitation in downtown Banjol.
Six graduate Civil Engineers responded and built two latrine blocks
for the benefit of the urban poor, leading to the formation of
Engineers for Overseas Development (EFOD).

18 years later, around 800 volunteers have raised over £ 1m
and delivered 30 projects in sub Saharan Africa.

'Adapted' from Ian Flower's 'EFOD 18th Birthday' Facebook posts

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Ian Flower @EFOD_MD
It really all started in 2000 with the construction of those latrine blocks.

Here we see the old 1930's latrines being demolished
and construction one of the new blocks over a ten week period

EFOD have been delivering MDG's since its inception,
training some of our engineering workforce,
and sharing it with local workers.

Efod Cardiff built CASSO Orphanage in 2009 / 10
for the Care & Share Charity
to provide a home for orphan children
from the Soroti area Uganda.

EFOD West Midlands spent 5 years from 2010
building a development for the Koutulai Widows Farmers Group
in rural Uganda, including a Mill, borehole, latrines, Village Hall
and a Grain Store.

88 widows have worked themselves out of poverty growing cassava
on their own land, stored on the site, ground in the mill,
and taught in the village hall.

Over 500 of their dependents benefit from the project
and more than 700 neighbours benefit from the water and sanitation.
2014 - EFOD North West's efforts concentrated on building
a substantial Grain Store
for the Nakoi Mam Riang Women's Cooperative,
a group of 56 women working themselves out of poverty
in rural Uganda.

Together they have learned financial, animal husbandry
and agricultural skills, and can now safely store cassava,
ground nuts, sorgum and millet following harvest,
for use during the year, allowing them to sell surplus grain
when prices have risen.

This improves food stability and income amongst the rural poor.
Sadly, droughts have seriously affected food production
in the last year, but the store will help during the years of plenty.

Malera Borehole.

A 1946 borehole 15km into the Ugandan bush was known to yield lots of water but the diesel pump had been destroyed
during times of war leaving a simple hand pump in place, which could only supply 350 people.
During the 2009 drought thousands of cattle had died.

Between 2012 and 2015, EFOD Cardiff flushed and tested the borehole to demonstrate the yield could increase by 15 fold,
and installed a small solar pump 40m down the hole. This pumps potable water into two 10,000 litre tanks
to supply up to 4000 people through drop taps, and 10,000 cattle, some driven over 10km during times of drought.

A great EFOD Team, 15 visits to site, £ 28,000 on the infrastructure plus £ 15,000 to travel.
We even received a visit from the Minister of Health for Wales, since the Welsh Government helped to fund the travel.
More about the Malera project

Soroti Baptist Medical Centre was built by EFOD Cardiff
between 2005 & 2010 in response to a request to provide
low cost medical facilities for the people of Soroti.

30 intrepid volunteers worked together to design, raise funds,
and supervise construction of this fine 16 room building,
which now employs 15 permanent staff.

The Centre operates as a 'not-for-profit' basis,
offering good quality primary care for the local area.

SaltPeter Trust, the promoters of the scheme
continue to provide regular support and help to train
both UK and Ugandan medical staff in the Centre.

Kachumbala Mill and Grain Store was built
by EFOD South West Wales between 2013 & 2015
for the Kachumbala Farmers' Cooperative in Uganda.

SaltPeter Trust bought land and provided a borehole
for the community, and EFOD provided this facility for 40 widows
who now benefit from a 900 bag store and a grinding mill.

In January 2014 we even received a visit from Carwyn Jones,
the First Minister for Wales, his Wales for Africa scheme
had provided a travel grant to help 20 qualified apprentices
from the Cyfle Building Skills scheme in Ammanford
to supervise construction.
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