News from Zukuka Bora - February 2019

New Year - New Plans!

Not much to see at the moment, apart from a fantastic view of our mountain,
but in the next period this little pocket of land is going to see big changes!

This site will provide a permanent 'home' for Zukuka Bora, where we plan
to build a roastery, coffee processing facilities and a visitor/training centre.

This will deliver our vision to see this project benefit local people in every part
of the coffee story - from training farmers on good cultivation practices
- employing teams of people to dry and process the coffee
and nurturing local roasters and baristas.

More background about the project - Link here

It has been our desire from the outset to see this beautiful country and its people fully and fairly benefit from this special crop.
This marks an important step on that journey.

Thank you, as always, to our supporters and friends - and, in this case, a special thank you to EFOD ( Efod Charity Efod NW )
Please check them out - a great organisation, who engage young engineers to design, fundraise and be involved in
constructing projects that are having a positive impact in some of the poorest parts of the world.
We're looking forward to hosting them very soon!

We're feeling excited today as the last of the season's coffee is now dry
and packed ready for the final stages of processing before export and roasting!

This is a milestone in what has been a tiring, crazy and adventure-filled season.

These bags are the samples which will be heading out around the world
to show the huge potential of Ugandan specialty coffee.

An exciting mix of washed, honey,
natural and experimental fermentation processes
- some delicious coffee is coming your way!

Zukuka People - Rogers and Evelyn - and small army . . .

What a team - Rogers and Evelyn have been with Zukuka Bora since the start.
They manage our main washing station almost 2000m up on Wanale working from dawn to get the coffee out in the sun to dry, sorting through the day, and then till very late at night pulping and washing coffee that has been delivered from farmers all over the mountain.

We could not do this without them.

In addition - if that's not enough Rogers manages the on-site tree nursery,
where we're raising thousands of great shade-tree seedlings to be given
to our farmers.

Next door to our washing station, we also have JENGA Uganda's goat project, where Rogers and Evelyn give out female goats to the most vulnerable members of the community. As the goats reproduce, the first-born female is given out to another community member, so that the project grows and more and more people benefit. After the first-born is given out, all further new-born goats are kept by the recipient.

Lately we've been hearing stories of how such a small intervention is generating income to provide for much-needed school fees, medical bills and home building.

All happening in one little corner of the mountain.

Big thanks to all involved - especially Rogers and Evelyn.

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